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Welcome to iBreathe!


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iBreathe is the leading provider of Electronic Cigarette and e-liquids in the UK, offering a premium vaping service at highly competitive prices.

iBreathe allows people to avoid the harmful and damaging effects of smoking without suffering the withdrawal effects of quitting.

Welcome to iBreathe!


UK Stores


Average Sale per Store
Unique Flavours
Premium Kits

We Are Certified !

iBreathe ROHS Certified iBreathe CE Certified iBreathe ECITA Certified iBreathe TUV Certified iBreathe ISO 9001 Certified iBreathe ValPak Certified

Why iBreathe ?

  • Upto 70% POR for All Retailers

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • 4+ Patented Products

  • Full Member of ECITA (Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association)

  • ISO 9001:2008 UK Registered Firm

  • RoHS Compliant

  • CE Certified

  • CHIP AND CPT (Child Proof Safety) TESTED

  • Natural Ingredients

  • Unique Taste / Secret Formula

  • Ingredients Fully Tested and Approved by UKAS Laboratories

  • GC/MS Testing Methods

  • Compliance To All Regulatory Requirements For Safe and Legal Sale of Electronic Cigarettes

  • Product Liability

  • Full After Care & Warranty

  • Full Assistance With Lead Generating

  • Full Palnograms of Stands

  • Competitive Pricing

Retail Support

Our retail support team has years of experience and are very passionate about developing business for all retailers.

Are you ready to be part of us?

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Some of Our Major Clients

  • AUK Limited

  • Everest Pharmacy

  • GM Petroleum

  • Kay Group

  • Manor Group

  • Platinium Group

  • Retail Data

  • Sewell Group

  • Carsley Mackay

  • Penny Petroleum

  • Adamsons

  • Mitha Forecourts

  • Brobot Petroleum

  • Newspoint

  • Redbeck Group

  • Riverside Group

  • Red Conv Group

  • Bargain Sound

  • Yew Tree

Retail Enquiries Only

We'd really love to hear from you so why not drop us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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Carsley Mackay

Since Keith Beale introduced iBreathe, our growth in sales have far exceeded my expectations of e cigs.
iBreathe pitch in the market at a competitive price and have a great sales service backup that includes regular site calls and merchandising.
Account management and communications are very good; we provide epos data, which is analysed my Keith and is lways looking to grow the category with innovative ideas.

I would highly recommend iBreathe.

Simon Mackay
  • Director
  • Carsley Mackay

Exclusive Range

At first, we considered our e-cigarette product range to be sufficent in this category. We had Blu, Debang and Nicolites.
Keith Beale insisted that he could improve our sales and profits with the introduction of iBreathe.
We agreed to trial iBreathe in 2 sites over a 3 month period. The reslts were almost immediate with not only total sales increasing, but clearly consumers preffering the iBreathe brand over rival products.
After the trial we listed iBreathe in all our sites and have seen our profits double and sytill showing growth with iBreathe having nearly 70% share in this category.
Their innovative approach to merchandising and assurance on avaiability provides an exceptional overall service, unlike any other e-cig distributor.

I would highly recommen iBreathe.

Richad Cox
  • Managing Director
  • The Kay Group
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