iBreathe Blogs | Why Does My E-Cigarette Make a Popping Sound?
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Why Does My E-Cigarette Make a Popping Sound?

Why Does My E-Cigarette Make a Popping Sound?

Often, a popping sound may be heard coming from your e-cigarette whilst vaping, and you may question what it is. Fear not, as it is neither harmful to you, nor your device – in fact, it’s assurance your e-cigarette is working correctly. The popping sound usually occurs when your e-liquid makes direct contact with a hot atomiser coil, similar to when a drop of water makes contact with a hot pan.

The volume and amount of popping sounds produced varies from product to product. Some e-cigarettes have potential to be vaped on high wattage (usually sub-ohm vaping devices), which will most likely produce a more obvious popping and crackling sound. The result is a large amount of e-liquid being vaporised extremely quickly, and at a high wattage. Devices that use low wattage (i.e. iBreathe Pro e-cigarette) are less prone to producing popping sounds.

Finding the correct wattage for your device is essential for a more pleasant vape.

If you are unsure of what wattage to use for your device, click here for help. If your device is leaking, click here to learn more about why it is doing so.

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