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Myth About Vapes Causing Cancer

Myth About Vapes Causing Cancer

A lot of people are making use of vapes now. It has become one of the most popular habits in the past few years and with increasing popularity, more and more people are searching about how beneficial they are. Media corporations are never going to miss out on opportunities to cash in on a trending topic on the internet so that they can provide clickbait headlines. These clickbait headlines have become a serious problem because the media corporations are using fear mongering and providing false and incomplete information to create more traffic for their websites.

While the internet is chock full of knowledge, it also has a lot of falsified information floating around as well. People use the internet for everything now and with clickbait headlines like “Vaping Causes Mutations in DNA That Lead to Cancer” are very effective for companies to get the traffic that they need.

Cancer Causing Factors

While there is no definite thing that will cause cancer, there certainly are things out there that increase the risk of cancer. These chemicals are called carcinogens which increase the chances of your cells multiplying at an alarming rate. That is essentially what cancer is – cellular growth that goes out of control.

Traditional cigarettes contain hundreds of chemicals that go into your body when you inhale the smoke. The very smoke is harmful in and of itself but the chemicals are the real concern there. They contain carcinogens that can increase the risk of cancer but they do not cause the cancer themselves.

It’s important to understand that carcinogens are not the cause of the cancer itself, they only increase the risk. There are no medically defined reasons that can cause cancer as it is still a mystery. Smoking is bad since it increases your chances of getting cancer due to more exposure to carcinogens. This essentially makes them very dangerous in the long run.

Misleading Information About Vaping

Now that the risk factor with cancer has been defined, it is important to understand why the cancer myth about vaping is nothing more than a clickbait farce. Calling vapes as the cause of cancer is quite frankly nothing more than an attempt to drive more traffic to their fledgling websites. While the use of “cause of cancer” is downright false, there are those outlets using a more carefully crafted “may increase the risk factor” to help their cause. While it is not a definite claim, it is still a misleading conjecture that causes a lot of panic among people looking for some genuine information about the topic.

They utilize confusion to create controversy and through that controversy, they are able to reach out to more people. Original studies that are based on facts not conjectures have shown that ecigs and vaping is definitely a lot safer than smoking. They are not as harmful as they are portrayed by the fear mongering and clickbait media outlets.

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