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Reward Points

Here at iBreathe we like to reward our loyal customers with discounts. With our Reward Points scheme, it’s easy to grab some tasty savings!

Reward Points can be earned every time you make a purchase on our website.

Each product has points allocated to it, which is worth 5% of the total price of the item. A single Reward Point is worth £0.10.

Purchasing a product at a price of £9.99 will earn you 5 Reward Points and those points will be worth £0.50.

To be able to earn Reward Points, you must have a verified account with iBreathe. Any purchase made on will generate Reward Points onto the account. Another method to earn Reward Points is by participating in certain social media events that are often hosted on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Participating in these events does not guarantee that you will earn Reward Points, so please read the Terms & Conditions of these events!

Points can be used to purchase products or apply discounts to products on Reward Points can only be applied during the Checkout process.