50VG / 50PG Cloud Liquid

Designed for experienced vapers who prefer Sub Ohm Vaping, iBreathe Cloud liquids produce colossal clouds of vapour for a satisfying vaping experience. With a minimum VG content of 50% and a maximum VG content of 50%, our Cloud e-Liquids are smooth, full of flavour and low in nicotine strength.

iBreathe Cloud Liquids are made in the USA from the finest quality ingredients, and we offer one of the most extensive e-liquid flavour ranges available on the market today. For safety and peace of mind, our cloud liquids are supplied in 10ml patented child-proof bottles.

Your Guide to iBreathe eLiquids

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Blueberry Slush - 10ml Cloud eLiquid

Blueberry Slush - 50VG / 50PG - 10ML The iconic berry slush puppy. A fruity punch followed by an ..


Burst - 10ml Cloud eLiquid

Burst - 50VG / 50PG - 10ML A light and refreshing vaping liquid with fruity flavours and minty ..


Buttercup - 10ml Cloud eLiquid

TPD-Compliant Buttercup 10ML - 50VG / 50PG - Cloud eLiquid Bold, flavourful and bursting with t..


Dynamite Ice - 10ml Cloud eLiquid

TPD-Compliant Dynamite Ice 10ML - 50VG / 50PG - Cloud eLiquid An explosion of summer fruits foll..


Heisenberry - 10ml Cloud eLiquid

TPD-Compliant Heisenberry 10ML - 50VG / 50PG - Cloud eLiquid Ripe blueberries infused with cinna..


Pink Lemon - 10ml Cloud eLiquid

TPD-Compliant Pink Lemon 10ML - 50VG / 50PG - Cloud eLiquid A zingy and zesty lemon infused eLiq..


Wonderberry - 10ml Cloud eLiquid

TPD-Compliant Wonderberry 10ML - 50VG / 50PG - Cloud eLiquid A berrylicious treat for those who ..