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About Us

iBreathe is one of the leading providers of e-cigarettes and e-liquids in the UK, offering premium vaping services at highly competitive prices. A family-run company, we pride ourselves on creating products of a high quality, and offer a wide range of smoking cessation aids for heavy smokers struggling to overcome nicotine addiction, and those already in the process of swapping nicotine cigarettes for electronic cigarettes. We even cater for those who simply enjoy the pleasures of vaping for its own sake, and offer a variety of vape kits and vaping accessories – just one of the reasons why we are tipped to be the UK’s number one supplier of e-cigarettes and e-liquids.

iBreathe was created when our founder spotted a gap in the market for a quality e-cigarette and e-liquid provider, one that values its customers and genuinely wants to help them make the transition to a healthier and cheaper form of smoking.

Our in-house team of developers and researchers sets us apart from other suppliers. Working tirelessly to stay ahead of competition and emerging vaping trends, the iBreathe team strives for excellence and constantly pushes for improvement, even on products that have received excellent feedback from our ever-growing and loyal customer base.

Since its foundation, iBreathe – which is one of the first ever ecig companies to be regulated and approved by trade association ECITA – has seen significant organic growth, and all profits have been invested back into the business. This allows us to continue building and developing our core products, with the aim of becoming the UK’s standout e-cigarette and e-liquid provider.

The iBreathe patented formula is such a hit with vapers that we are now one of the most popular brands in the UK market. Focusing on quality and taste, we ensure that our products are as good as they can possibly be by pairing the best components with scientific innovation to create the perfect blend. As a result, sales continue to boom. This is largely down to the importance iBreathe places on customer experience. We use customer feedback to continuously test and tweak our product range, and will continue to do so until we reach the number one spot.

iBreathe products can be found in outlets across the UK, as well as online, and our brand and reputation for quality is making waves overseas, with the company's growth showing no signs of slowing. iBreathe has the products and expertise to become the world’s number one quality e-cigarette and e-liquid provider, and with your continued support, we will make this happen.

iBreathe provides a simple and effective solution for people who are addicted to smoking. The iBreathe e-cigarette allows people to enjoy the sensation of smoking without having to suffer the harmful side effects, making it a clean and satisfying alternative to smoking.

Why iBreathe?

Smoking can lead to a number of serious health problems, especially for those who smoke on a regular basis, but many are unable to quit smoking because they are addicted. Nicotine replacement products can help those trying to quit smoking, but they are not suitable for everyone, and even those who do manage to quit while using such products can often end up resuming the habit. iBreathe electronic cigarettes allow people to avoid the harmful effects of smoking without suffering the withdrawal effects of quitting, which means the chances of success are much higher. A clean, enjoyable alternative to smoking, iBreathe ecigs and e-liquids help smokers reduce their nicotine intake, and studies show that they can even stop them from smoking altogether.

How iBreathe Works

The beauty of iBreathe is its simplicity. When users engage their e-cigarette device, the e-liquid nicotine is drawn into an atomiser chamber and turned to vapour. This vapour is then inhaled, and delivers the nicotine to the body in the same way as a cigarette. iBreathe ecig users can enjoy the same nicotine, but without the tar, smoke and chemicals of a standard cigarette.

Benefits of the iBreathe E-Cigarette

There are many benefits of using the iBreathe e-cigarette instead of standard cigarettes. These include:

  • No tobacco smoke – just vapour
  • No unpleasant smells on clothes or breath
  • No tar, carbon, monoxide or flame
  • No ash or cigarette butts Nicotine is delivered quickly and effectively No risk of health problems associated with smoking No restrictions on smoking in public places as there is no tobacco Authentic smoking sensation Cost-effective solution to smoking

iBreathe Products

There are many iBreathe products to choose from that provide a solution for all types of smokers. The iBreathe Premium e-liquid comes in five nicotine strengths: Zero 0mg, Ultra Low 6mg, Low 12mg and Medium 18mg. iBreathe offers a variety of flavours, including tobacco alternatives, fruity flavours such as apple, blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, orange and cherry, and much more. There are also different strengths of cheap e-liquid available, and our high VG e-liquids and high PG e-liquids are designed to suit every vaper’s personal taste and preference. Those new to vaping can purchase the iBreathe Pro Kit, which includes everything you need to begin your iBreathe vaping experience.

Purchasing iBreathe Products

If you want to try iBreathe products for yourself, you can purchase everything you need right here on our website. If you have been trying to quit smoking for a while without success, iBreathe can provide you with the solution you have been looking for. So why not try it yourself? Start leading a smoke-free life today with the help of our e-cigarettes and cheap e-liquids. iBreathe own the copyright, trademarks and all other intellectual property rights in all material and content on this website, which you may use, download and copy only for your own personal, non-commercial use. Any other use or reproduction of the material or content is strictly prohibited. You may not create any link to this website without our prior written consent, nor may you restrict or inhibit the use or enjoyment of it by anyone else. WARNING: makes no claims that the electronic cigarette will cure a smoker’s addiction to nicotine; the electronic cigarette it sells serves the same purpose as a tobacco cigarette in that it delivers nicotine to its user. If you suffer from the disease of Tobacco/Nicotine Dependence Syndrome and want to take steps to give up smoking, or cut down on the quantity of cigarettes you currently smoke, we recommend you visit your health-care provider to discuss NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) or a nicotine harm-reduction programme. Please note: We are not a pharmaceutical company and we do not produce medical products. © 2011–2017 DISCLAIMER / TERMS OF USE: Please be advised iBreathe LTD will not be held responsible for damages caused to persons or property when any iBreathe electronic smoking devices are intentionally tampered with, i.e. using alternate methods of charging, maintaining and usage. For further information, please get in touch via our support team.