Advanced eCigarette Kits

Reserved for the experienced vaper, iBreathe Advanced eCigarette Kits are some of the most sophisticated kits available on the market today.

Built with quality and performance in mind, our advanced eCig kits deliver more power, more vapour production, more flavour, and they allow you to vape for longer between charges and tank refills.

Your Guide to iBreathe eCigarettes

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Mini Kit Sub-Ohm E-Cigarette & 10ml Cloud E-Liquid

Mini Kit Sub-Ohm E-Cigarette + Cloud E-Liquid The iBreathe Mini Kit is based on a best-selling el..


Tube Sub-Ohm E-Cigarette Kit

Tube Sub-Ohm E-Cigarette & 10ml Cloud Liquid Power and simplicity combined in an ultra-sleek ..